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Monday, May 20, 2013

Sweet Thoughts on the Importance of a Thank You Note (Or Just Being Thankful)

  Writing a thank you note is so important...so why is it sometimes such a chore? Often when there are many to write after an event like a party, shower or wedding, it is simply a matter of procrastination or time. Isn't a verbal "thank you" enough? Not really according to www.emilypost.com .
  A written thank you is always most appropriate. If there is ever a doubt in your mind to write or not to write - write it! And, if you have procrastinated, better late than never - write it! It's never to late too express your thanks and never too young. Children can help parents with expressing thanks as soon as they can hold a crayon to draw a picture or write their names. Fill-in thank you notes for kids are great guides to help writing notes become a natural response to gifts or kind deeds given to your child. Just signing a note you have written on their behalf is a good tool in teaching a child the importance of being grateful and expressing it.
  Some general guidelines as far as the basics of the thank you note are:

Length - Write three or four short sentences about the gift - why you like it, how you might use it, or its very special meaning to you.
When - As soon as possible, but within two weeks is acceptable. Wedding gifts can be acknowledged within one month after the wedding. Again, it's never too late to say thank you.
How - Handwritten notes are a warmer, more personal way to express your thanks. Be specific about the gift or kindness in your note. The exception to specificity would be in writing a note about a gift of money. "Thank you for the generous gift" would be a good way to acknowledge without stating the actual dollar amount. If the recipient is a close friend with whom you speak often, email is probably fine. However SweetGraceGiftsandPaper.com opinion is that a handwritten note is more personal and meaningful to the recipient.
Why - Well, let's just say that one act of kindness deserves another! The best expression of thanks is a sincere one. Living with an attitude of gratitude will make expressing gratitude to others second nature. One way to fine tune your attitude of gratitude is to daily count your blessings. Even with young children, daily naming all the things and people for whom to be thankful, begins to cultivate gratitude.

  Gratitude is a very positive response and the benefits of "positive" in our lives are undeniable and immeasurable. Writing a thank you note requires us to change our pace, to reflect and to carefully choose what we say to express our gratitude . Etiquette dictates that writing a thank you note is the "proper thing to do." An attitude of gratitude makes it the only possible response. And, of course, make it sweet!  SweetGraceGiftsandPaper.com offers foldover note cards  with  names or monograms to make your thank you very personalized!

With Sweet Grace ~ Peg & Katie

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